Best 4 Self Defense Flashlights!

We looked for the best self defense flashlights, and we found them. Each one is special in it's own way. See for yourself. But our favorite is the Guard Dog flashlight for self defense (the last one reviewed below)...

SureFire Defender Dual-Output LED (E2D LED):

self defense flashligh

The body of this self defense flashlight is made out of rugged aluminum. This flashlight is good for everyday use and it doubles as a self-defence tool. You can use the strike bezel to hit someone if necessary. There's a 200-lumen high-beam which has ten times the light of a big D-cell flashlight. This is enough to interrupt the night vision capabilities of any aggressor. You also have a 5-lumen low beam which is suitable for a dark room or walking around a parking lot.

Nebo Redline Tactical Flashlight (Strobe S.O.S 220):

nebo strobeself defense flashlight

This flashlight shows how far LED technology has come. The light is compact and, 4 3/8 inches long with an output of 220 lumens and it has five different modes. You can use this self defense flashlight in strobe mode, S.O.S, 110 lumens, 22 lumens, and 22 lumens. The SOS mode is good for emergencies and at 220 lumens the light with light up an entire room for you. Use the 22 lumen when you want to move around without the light disturbing anyone with a bright light. The beam is adjustable by 4X by turning the bezel in the front of the light. When the flashlight is first turned on there's 220 lumen available. You can cycle through the various modes and turn the light on and off.

The light takes 3 AAA batteries and you'll get about 4 hours out of it at 220 lumens and more hours with the other modes on this flashlight. The body is made out of a high-grade aluminum. The LED bulb lasts for 110,00o hours and while the flashlight is a little expensive you get a lot for the price that you do pay for it. The light is durable and you can depend upon it for many different uses.

Nebo Black


These kind of self defense flashlights gives you a compact unit made with high-technology to give you a powerful light source when you need it. This is Redline's brightest flashlight it has produced with 220 lumens. There are five different modes on this flashlight including 220 lumens, 100 lumens, 22 lumens, emergency strobe, and S.O.S. mode. This light is good as a flood light to 20 yards or a spot light up to 150 yards. You can control the light with an adjustable beam.

This flashlight is well made and puts out a good light for most uses you'll need it for. The self defense flashlights is easy to hold and it has good battery life. The magnetic base and the strike bezel are nice added features for this flashlight. This light is moderately priced and you'll get some good use out of it. This is a great light for the general public or for those who need it for security purposes. It has all the features of a more expensive flashlight in a lower cost package.

gaurd dog flashlight

Halo Guard Dog Security - Waterproof Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight (290 Lumen 5 Function):

This is the best of all the self defense flashlights in our opinion. 'ts bright and durable, and has five settings and it comes with 290 lumens of power. There's a ultra-bright, high, strobe, and S.O.S function with a one-button push on this flashlight. The light is waterproof with it's made with an aircraft aluminum grade alloy.

You'll get up to 100,000 hours with the bulb and it comes with a lithium rechargeable battery, wrist strap and a plug-in charger for the unit.

The 290 lumens are bright enough to stop an intruder and the light is bright enough for any job that you need. The light is bright enough to be seen from an aircraft. This light is shock proof so it's up to any task that you put it through such as various weather conditions. You can use this light for everyday use or for tactical purposes such as security or other uses.

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