What Is Pepper Spray and Where Can You Buy It?

pepper spray

Using pepper spray to defend oneself is not a bad idea in this time and age. A person cannot be to careful. The question is, what is allowed and how safe is it to have non lethal defense products in my possession?

How many different types of this protection device do you get on the market, and which one would be the better choice? Questions like these needs answering, and that is what will be looked at within this article to help put your mind at ease.

Types of Pepper Spray:

You will be amazed at the selection of sprays that are available on the market today. There are key chain, defense triple pack, pepper pager, pepper pens, lipstick pepper spray, mace foam, walking weights, and more...

Each one will have various strengths and will serve a different purpose. You get the very large ones that the police or security would use that is a lot more powerful as well.

police pepper spray

Laws Pertaining to Use of Pepper Spray

Most sprays can only be purchased from licensed firearms dealers in New York USA and Massachusetts. While it is legal in all 50 states of the US, it would be wise to check with the local attorney to see what restrictions are set with regards to its use in that particular county or state.

Some of these restrictions pertain to strengths and sizes, while other restrictions may also apply. You are not just limited to your local attorney, but may also check by contacting the county sheriff, city police or state law enforcement agency.

Large Police Types:

Generally the police and security makes use of the larger canisters, but it is not only limited to them. As crime becomes more rampant and attackers are getting more aggressive, some people are now looking into getting themselves the larger versions. It contains as much as 9 ounces to a pound of pepper solution.

While regular type pepper sprays contain from 10 to 15% of OC, the larger canisters contain as much as 18% of OC, making it so much more powerful. It is not recommended for personal use, but more for use at home or at the office. The one pound canisters are very effective against a large number of assailants.

13 ounce pepper spray

The large pepper (home defense) spray above is 13 ounces and is a very good unit to have handy. It's made by Sabre.

Where To Get Pepper Spray

You can buy any number of spray's and mace from many sources online or offline. But the best place to get pepper spray is Amazon because you'll probably get the lowest price, and you are protected by Amazon's wonderful buying protection program which includes third party vendors that sell on their site.

Go to Amazon and get your pepper self defense spray or mace, you won't be sorry. I buy all kinds of things from Amazon and love how fast it's delivered. I'm a Premiere member! Meaning, for just $79 per year I get free shipping on most products and get free kindle ebooks by the boat load while everyone else has to pay upwards of $3.95 - $5.99 per book!

Safety Precautions:

When using the key chain pepper spray, be aware of there is a strong wind blowing your way when spraying it, as some of the spray may blow back in your direction. Also ensure that you have the nozzle pointing in the right direction. You do not want to make things easier for the attacker in knocking yourself out, do you?

It may also be a good idea to test it in an outside area to see that it still operates correctly. Take care to spray short bursts in quick succession of each other in case you missed the first time. It will be good to check your manual for further instructions.

Do not underestimated the power of pepper spray, it enables you to successfully defend yourself against any attacker while keeping your distance. Just one burst from your protection device will cause coughing, choking and temporary blindness that is sure to bring your attacker to his knees.

One time of another you may just be placed in a position where you need to defend yourself. It is therefore strongly recommended that you get yourself a spray that is powerful enough to ward of any potential attackers.

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