Quality Self Defense Weapons And What To Get Now!

pepper spray gun

Finding self defense weapons for your particular needs depends on several factors.

There is a different weapon for self defense for every situation you can think of. And it can get very confusing and difficult to decide what to get.

Lets do a quick overview of some of the best self defense weapons that are at your disposal, starting with the most lethal:

self defense pistolSelf defense guns are a very popular choice. Self defense pistols are the most common form of firearm.

Self defense firearms require a license (in the USA). You should get private instruction on its use, go to a shooting range to get used to it, and buy various accessories to keep it safe, secure, and handy.

A self defense handgun can cover many situations that may arise. However it's very lethal and you should understand the consequences of using a gun.

The handgun above is a perfect example of a pistol that is small, lightweight, and fits in a handbag. But it's not just for women. It's a Smith And Wesson 442, “Airweight”. It is reliable, and the cool thing about this particular self defense pistol is the hammer is made so that is it less likely to be caught up in something as you pull it out.

self defense knifeSelf defense knives are also a popular choice. There are all types of knives to choose from. Be sure to get a knife that will be easily accessible. However, it should be ready for immediate use, yet secure and safe so you don't hurt yourself or someone by accident.

The KA-BAR knife is exceptional. It's very small, but deadly. But that's not the only one to consider.

Martial arts weapons are a unique choice because you can use them without a fatal outcome (depending on the weapon and how it's used). But they require training to use. For example there are Nunchakus, and Escrima Sticks. A novice cannot wield these without hurting themselves. But if you master them, look out!

stun gunStun guns are fast growing segment of the self defense weapons arena. They are effective, easy to use, and they are inexpensive. You should be well trained on the stun gun of your choice and make sure it's up to par. You don't want it malfunctioning when you need it most.

Brass knuckles are an old school, yet still effective weapon. Many states have banned them so check your states laws. It's not for everyone but it works in close combat situations. It conceals easily and it might be a good supplement to another self defense weapon like a handgun, knife, or stun gun.

pepper sprayPepper spray is a good supplement and last resort. It's effective and inexpensive. I particularly like pepper spray guns. The problem with pepper spray is that if it's not used for a while it doesn't work well or at all so you have to keep changing your pepper spray (or change the cartridge).

The Elderly:

For the older generation, some of the above might be useful, but several others might be better for your situation. For example you can get a self defense cane. These are specially designed for combat, but you should be trained on its use. There are videos and classes to take.

self defense caneThere are other weapons to use in conjunction or to replace the above. See below.

Women's Self Defense weapons:

Women can and should use any of the weapons mentioned here. But it also depends on your situation. If you are going out on the town, consider a lipstick pepper spray. If you are walking alone, consider carrying a self defense knife, gun, or stun gun. See our special article on women's self defense for more details.

There are other self defense weapons to consider as well:

  • Stingers
  • LED Defenders
  • Tactical Pen
  • Steel Baton
  • Cane sword
  • Koga's
  • And more!

Read our articles and reviews on all these self defense weapons and more. And be sure to sign up for our quality ezine or new self defense tips, techniques, and new weapons.

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