Self Defense Weapons For Men!

Self defense weapons for men can vary from small concealable weapons to larger, bulkier weapons like a shot gun, bean bag gun, bat, baton or eve a sword. But lets break it down to the most popular and useful weapons for men.

Although women are victims of crime in nine out of ten cases, guys should also learn how to defend themselves. In this article we will discuss weapons for men that will help in this case.

There are a lot of self defense weapons for men which have successfully been used by soldiers. However, their purpose is not to cause your aggressor's death, but to give you enough time to get out of a dangerous situation.

Among the most common self defense weapons for men are the stun devices. These can be typically held in your hand, being able to conduct an electrical charge. This will cause short-circuits to your aggressor's neuromuscular system which will make his body lose control and balance. Stun guns are generally considered to be 86 percent effective.

Another kind of stun gun is the knuckle blaster, which produces a very strong electrical shock of 950.000 volts. As its name already says, you can place your knuckles through it and hold it in your hand, being very easy and quick to use. Your attacker won't even know what hit him.

knuckle blaster stun gun

The most effective stun gun for men is the Double Trouble stun gun. It's very efficient because it has a bigger space between the contacts, which creates a much more powerful effect on your aggressor.

double trouble stun gun

The taser fits into another category of stun devices which are used as self defense weapon for men. This tool uses electroshocks to stop voluntary control of muscles.

taser gun

There are also over the counter sprays used as self defense weapons for men. Their basic ingredient is oleoresin capiscum in a concentration of 10 to 18 percent, giving the name of these kinds of sprays. In this category are included cayenne or mace pepper sprays, which can also come in gel, foam or mist forms. Using a pepper spray is very effective because it makes your aggressor close his eyes, cough, choke and breathe heavily for up to 45 minutes.

Mace pepper gels are also a good choice because they have a special formula that sticks to the attacker's face. The more he tries to wipe it off, the more he makes it rub in.

mace gel

An easy to carry self defense weapon for men is a expendable baton (riot baton), or self defense cane. A riot baton is very effective. It's not going to defend your from a gun but it can further your chances of surviving an attack.

riot baton

As you can see, most self defense weapons are common for both women and men. Although guys are less likely to worry about being attacked, it's important to have in mind that men are often victims of crime. Don't be too confident thinking you can handle a situation with your fists of wits. Take into consideration buying one of these self defense weapons because you never know when you're going to need them.

When it comes to self defense weapons for men, an alternative to consider are brass knuckles (but check to see if they are legal in your state). They are easy to conceal and carry. And they are not expensive. The newer kinds of brass knuckles are made of pewter which is very strong, durable, and lighter weight than brass knuckles. It seems as though manufacturers are making them as belt buckles to fly under the 'legal radar'.

brass knuckles for men

Many men are quick to choose firearms as self defense weapons for men. Guns are very popular among men because it gives them the confidence of being protected. However, firearms can easily become dangerous to themselves or even their close ones such as family or friends. There have been many cases of deaths caused by the misuse of guns.

Instead of using a firearm, learn about other self defense weapons for men because they are less dangerous and in most cases much more efficient than any gun.


A firearm may be best for home self defense. But an old fashioned bat is also good to have handy as well.

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