11 Self Defense Weapons For Women!

Self defense weapons for women can be found in all shapes, sizes, weights, and lethality.

The first weapons that a woman might find useful is a small handgun. You can read about self defense handguns here. But this article will focus on several (not all) new types of self defense weapons for women.

A kubotan was developed by a martial arts instructor as a very simple and effective self defense tool. It's basically a 5 or 6 inch long stick made of a hard material such as wood, steel or a strong plastic.

You can use it to attack bones, flesh or highly innervated tissues: ribs, stomach, solar plexus, spine, forearms, knuckles, neck, shins or eyes. There are also two ways of holding the kubotan depending on how you want to use it, including the hammerfist or forward grip.


Similar to a kubotan is a larger, metal baton. You can get expandable ones and they can be handy and possibly intimidating to an attacker. Make sure you know how to use it by practicing with it. You can even get classes or private instruction on its use.

expandable baton

Another similar self defense weapon for women and men is a Flashlight: A sturdy self defense flashlight with a Strike Bezel as shown below is also a good tool. Not only will it help you when you need light in emergencies, but it's specifically designed to help you defend yourself using the strike bezel. Just hit your attacker with it and they will wonder why it's so painful.

self defense flashlight

This rather lethal key chain self defense weapon for women is called a Black Cat Personal Protection Keychain. It's very effective and can cause serious damage to the body and eyes. It may not be legal in your state. So check.

keychain self defense weapon

Mini Koga: With training this aids in submission holds and joint blocks. But it's immediate use is as an impact tool. You'll make any hand blow more effective with this handy little weapon.

mini koga

Tactical Self Defense Pen: A tactical pen writes well and works as a puncture weapon. You can carry it in your purse, or handbag. Very durable and effective.

self defense pen

Slap Hat: This unique tool serves as a hat and an impact weapon. Woven into the material is a material that has the same weight as lead. So when you hit an attacker it can hurt and stun them.

self defense hat

Taser Stun Gun: My personal favorite because it can be stored just about anywhere and it's very effective. Just be sure you are trained in its use and you take care of it so that it works when you really need it.

Read more about stun guns here.

taser stun gun

Brass Knuckles: These are not legal in all states but they are very effective, and frankly they are cool. If you use them as a self defense weapon for women then a police officer may...may let it slide. But that is up to you to decide.

brass knuckles

Comtech Stinger: This can be a very effective weapon in close quarters. Use it to 'sting' or 'stun' your attacker. It is a very well known self defense weapon, and since you can carry it on your key chain it's something you should consider.

self defense stinger

Knife: A self defense knife is effective and deadly. This Cold Steel Urban Pal is one of the better ones because it's easy to hold, is less likely to slip or get pulled out of your hands, and it will cause major damage to your attacker.

self defense knife

Another very good idea is to have a pepper spray attached to your keys. This tool is very effective from a long distance, stopping the attacker to get into your personal space. After your aggressor is unable to see, apply several more blows, then use your chance to run and scream. Pepper spray is one of the best self defense weapons for women, being very small and easily taken for a key fob.

pepper spray keychain

Self Defense Weapons For Women: Using What You Have Already!

According to National Statistics Online, women are between two and three times more worried than men of being robbed or physically attacked and this is a good reason to learn about self defense weapons for women. One of the most often cases of crime among women is rape.

First of all, try to remain calm and use your head. Yes, self defense weapons for women include your skull. It will be very effective against your attacker so hit him in the nose with your head instead of punching him. Women are often grabbed from behind, that's why striking your aggressor with the back of your head is much more efficient than trying to hit him with your elbows or feet.

Being a woman can turn out to be useful when being attacked because a lot of self defense weapons for women can be found in your bags. In a moment of panic, you can use whatever you're able to quickly reach and grab from your bag. For example, anything from a pen, to an eyeliner or hairbrush can be used to poke your aggressor's eyes.

If you are fast and calm enough, you can quickly take your shoes off. It's great if you're wearing high heels because they can be useful self defense weapons for women. Stilettos can be the best ones. But they are not always used properly. Try to your hand inside the shoe, this way your hand will be protected up to your wrist in case your attacker is trying to cut you with a knife. You can also block your attacker from harming you. At the same time, you can use the pointy heel to stick it into your aggressor's eyes, groin, or belly.

Useful defense weapons for women thing that you can find in your bag are keys. If you're heading to your car late at night, it's better that you take them out of your bag beforehand instead of looking for them in the dark. Keys can be used on their own. The great thing is that you can attach some very useful objects to them, such as a kubotan or pepper spray as described above.

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