Self Defense For Women!

Self defense for women: It is common that disturbed men choose to attack women. But women also attack one another in many situations as well. Sometimes men only want to harass women. Other times it is just about being a psycho and not knowing how to spend your free time.

Self Defense For Women Part 1:

Women need to be prepared for the most impossible situations ever. Getting away from an attack can only be done by having an actual strategy and applying the strategy in the appropriate way. Yes, there is planning involved, but you need to be aware of self-defense techniques, at least the basic ones.

What are the weak points of men? There may be more such points but the groin is like the most sensitive part. Crushing someone's testicles will knock him out for good. However, applying a kick or punch to the groin of the aggressor isn't an easy thing to do since he'll most probably be prepared to avoid such a situation and never give you the chance to do so.

Self Defense For Women Part 2:

Sometimes acting like the "wild girl" may affect the aggressor to pay less attention to your intentions and actions so you can defeat him when he doesn't see it coming. Especially if you are dressed sexy, you can easily act like you'd like to have sex with the aggressor. Even if many of the aggressors know that they need to avoid this, it will work with others who like coward and greedy men will fall for it and hold you and kiss you like they are really getting a hot sex party. Of course, you won't give yourself and your pride to such a loser, when you have the good moment to do that, you'll hardly kick his groin and run away as fast and as far as possible.

Self Defense For Women Part 3:

You can't rely on the fact that the above technique will work. It's all about planning. If the attacker knocks you down and you feel that you are still aware of what's going on and can get up from the ground, don't do it. Act like you are knocked out and unable to move. This action can sometimes be risky while other times it will make that coward aggressor to think he won and can tie you up or something, and as he is preparing for the final glorious move, he won't defend himself. A well-timed punch or kick in the groin, neck or other pressure points can truly get you away from trouble.

Self Defense For Women Part 4:

attack the eyes

What are the pressure points in martial arts and what do they mean? Pressure points are like sensitive points of the body which can knock your opponents down. Being aware of these points is essential. You would easily guess some of these points like:

  • Neck
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Groin
  • Stomach
  • Nose

Self Defense For Women Part 5:

Some other pressure points are also important. For instance a good hit in the chest may even cause someone to have an instant heart attack or choking to death.

Self-defense isn't meant to kill, but sometimes for women there is no other option. I only say that thanks to the many aggressive men out there literally hunting defenseless women. Of course, you should avoid any technique that could cause one's death, but if you have no other way out, and it is truly self-defense (you were being attacked by someone and not the other way around), you could apply anything that would save you.

Self Defense For Women Part 6:

Other times, when you face a not-so-skilled opponent, you only need to create a short moment of distraction enough to distract the aggressor for a couple of moments, time just enough for you to get away from him.

You can make use of any objects around you at the time of the attack. Stones, wooden objects, steel objects, literally everything. You have surely seen some movies when a street fight occurs and opponents hurt each other with all kind of objects like wine bottles, toys, chairs, sticks and many other objects. When it is about self-defense, you need to act fast and make use of any resource available. What could be a resource? Anything around you! Even a sharp fence could save you if you can push the attacker towards that fence and get him hurt.

Self Defense For Women Part 7:

Ordinary sprays or even better, mace pepper sprays can effectively be sprayed in the aggressor's eyes which will make him blind for a short period of time.

Even thought is self defense for women tip may sound stupid, you can also make use of your handbag to hit the attacker! If the attacker wears a tie or anything around his neck, squeeze that until he gets no air and falls down!

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