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What is 'legal self defense'? We are not lawyers nor do we play one on the Internet. If you need legal advice consult a self defense attorney. This article is purely for informational purposes and is our view only. Do not use this for any legal decisions. Consult a lawyer...

There are all kinds of terrifying situations you can find yourself in that require you to do whatever it takes to survive. You can be attacked my a drug crazed mad man, or you could be attacked by a large group of children. Yes, this happened to a friend of mine. Back then if you hurt one of the children, even in self defense, he could be sued. But lets discuss legal self defense. And once again: we are not lawyers nor do we know the laws in any state. this is purely for informational purposes and you need to consult a lawyer for questions regarding legal self defense in your state and or county.

Legally defending yourself will be determined by the belief that your life is endangered by being attacked. This means that you are allowed to take necessary measures to prevent this from occurring.

There are various weapons you can use for legal self defense that are allowed by law. This are meant to deter or stop advancement of people who may intend to cause you or your family harm. Federal laws will allow you to carry them with you to defend yourself in case of an eventuality. Most of the states will give you decree to carry legal weapons for self defense purposes only. To do so, you should be over the age of 18 and should have never been convicted of a misdemeanor.

Most self defense weapons are generally concealable and should only be removed while defending yourself from assailants. Not all self defense weapons are legal either. For example, Brass Knuckles are not legal to carry in many states. But I digress...

Self defense weapons should be easily removed and used. Their effect should be quick and effective to deter the attacker from causing further damage. Some of the weapons will allow you time to escape by temporarily disabling the attacker. An example of such weapons is pepper sprays or electrical shock teasers.

Firearms are most popular of self protection weapons. The swiftness of the firearm is most preferred. This is because the weapon does not necessarily need training. The gun's effectiveness is instant as the wounds caused can be very lethal. However, most people feel that less lethal weapons are best. This is because, as much as they may have been in danger of further injuries, not many people would want to seriously injure their assailants. Therefore, most people have settles for less lethal weapons.

Due to difference in laws in various states, you will need to contact a legal counsel before deciding what legal self defense weapon to use. This should be done so that you do not end up breaking the law yourself. Such weapons like firearms and knives require a specific license for you to go around with. They should be registered with the local law enforcement officers so that they could track their use.

As much as legal self defense is important for you, you need to know how to effectively use them in case of an attack. This is crucial since you may not know how to use specific weapons. You should check the parameters where a case could be passes as a legal self defense. This is because, some people have gone to prison for using their defense weapons beyond boundaries allowed. This includes if you threaten someone who is not in the process of attacking you or generally putting the lives of others in danger.

For people who are fond of traveling, hiking and camping, you will need various legal self defense weapons. These will protect you from wildlife and possible attacks by robbers. For animals, you could use pepper spray or even a firearm depending on the situation. Pepper sprays may deter even larger animals such as bears from causing damage and loss of lives.

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