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This article discusses non lethal self defense ideas and techniques. It's not a definitive guide so I suggest you get our free tips and mini course for additional ideas and techniques. But there are interesting and I helpful so read this whole article on non lethal defense. Without further adieu, lets begin...


The growing number of violent crimes against people and the increase in property crime have made people more conscious of the need to defend themselves against the bad guys in the world.

While many people immediately think of guns or martial arts when the term "self-defense" is mentioned, but there are many other ways that everyday people can defend themselves and their property against criminal elements using non lethal self defense alternatives.

There are far too many people who become victims of crime simply because they have never considered ways to defend themselves. While there is no substitute for learning and practicing self defense tactics, the following non lethal self defense ideas are a few real-life strategies that people everywhere can use to protect the people and things that matter to them.

First, purchase three cans of wasp spray. This is a simple, inexpensive aerosol spray that can be found in most home improvement stores. Keep one can under the seat of your car, one on your night stand, and one by the front door of your home (of course keep it out of reach so your children cannot get it).

wasp spray self defense

If you are being threatened, wasp spray functions as a non lethal self defense alternative. Simply aim at your potential attacker and spray. The spray works from as far away as twenty feet, and can cause temporary blindness, a sensation of difficulty breathing, and enough pain to make your attacker think twice. The temporary blindness caused by the spray may give you the time you need to call for help or escape. Wasp spray is legal for everyone to possess, and is far less expensive than pepper-spray type chemicals (but pepper spray is best if you can afford it).

Another non lethal self defense technique that you need to know is called the brachial stun. There is a nerve that runs along each side of a person's neck that is very vulnerable to attack. Ask another person to hit you gently on the side of the neck with their forearm, and you will have a good idea of why this simple form of non lethal self defense is so effective. If you are being attacked by a person who is very close to you, deliver a full-force strike to this area using a strong bone in your body, such as your forearm or shin. You will cause your attacker a significant amount of pain and potentially dizziness and disorientation, giving you time to escape, scream, or otherwise draw attention to your situation.

Finally, you must start thinking about self defense in a new way. Tactical teams practice with situations that may occur, long before the situation ever happens. This is a form of mental training that can be highly effective. As you wait in a subway, get money or deposit money, drive, or wait in line, look around you and think of something bad that could happen. Then, picture yourself finding a way out of the situation safely, using non lethal self defense or lethal self defense. Think of several different things that you could do, places to run, and ways to avoid the dangerous situation altogether. This mental preparation will give you the edge if a situation does ever occur.

Non lethal self defense tactics can be learned through local classes offered by various organizations. Everything from traditional martial arts techniques to classes that teach you how to thwart an attack with a high-heel shoe exist. It is worth your time to take one of these courses, because in the event of an attack, you are your own best weapon.

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