Self Defense Pressure Points!

Knowing pressure points will give you an advantage when it comes to defending yourself...

Martial artists are all trained to master self-defense and get themselves around in any situation that may occur during a combat which is within a championship or even out on the streets when you wouldn't expect it to come.

pressure points

Self-defense pressure (vital) points are very important strategic points whenever you need to get away from an attack. Some pressure points will only knock your enemy down for a couple of minutes while some other pressure points may cause death immediately.

In self-defense you never attack and never try to hurt somebody, the key is to give you enough time to exit. However sometimes you can be put in awkward situation, apply a kick or punch on a pressure point and then the aggressor will die. You know, mostly I'm talking about the situations when it is a game of death. You either kill or get killed. Such situations are more often seen in movies but can happen in real life! You may easily get attacked by a freak who has been watching you for weeks or months and decided to put you in the grave. These attackers will, unfortunately, never quit.

Let's check on the details, which are the well-known pressure points and what are the risks involved when hitting these points.


As you know this part is the central part of one's chest. Kicking or punching the sternum may kill since it can be a shock to the lungs or the heart. Be careful with this point since it's indeed risky and dangerous for the person you apply it to.


Another vital part of the body, the neck is one of the most sensitive points. Even a light punch in the front or back of the neck can make someone choke or break his/her neck which is fatal. As the sternum, attacking one's neck is a very dangerous thing to do.


Well obviously breaking the nose is helpful to get away from the attacker. A broken nose can be healed so it isn't as dangerous for someone to have his nose broken. The instant bleeding and pain will make your enemy useless for a couple of minutes, quite enough for you to get away.


Spraying a gas in the eyes or actually hitting the eyes with your fist or an object is a useful thing to do. However, if you have chances of getting away either way, you shouldn't make your attacker blind just because you can make him/her blind. Just spray a gas or apply a lighter punch and you can run away while the aggressor recovers from the quick pain and all the tears which will make him blind for a couple of minutes.


At this point, you can be Mike Tyson (or not). Yes, actually biting one's ears is quite harsh and will get you away from trouble. But a strong punch or slap to one's ears could hurt the ear drums easily. That way your aggressor will get a bit lost and probably lose the sense of balance and of course won't be able to concentrate on what he needs to do - just perfect for you to get away from an attack!


How can someone walk without knees or just stand without needs? Yes, that is impossible. Hardly kicking the opponent's knees - you should try to break the knee or even separate the upper part of the leg from the lower part of the leg by smashing the knees very hard - will knock him down in less than a moment! Not only that attacker won't be able to ever walk normally again, but he won't be able to attack you anymore and you could even have the chance to walk away instead of running away (due to the opponent's inability to move or do anything "useful" against you).


What could cause more pain then a knee-kick or punch in the groin of a man or a woman? Not only men are knocked down but women can be put to ground with a well-executed hit to the groin. On your body this is one of the most sensitive points!

Know that I have presented some of the most important self-defense pressure points, you may have higher chances of getting away from any attack.

Just remember to always plan your moves and set-up the reserve plans (if plan A fails, I apply plan B and if that fails too, plan C will surely work). Having a strategy in self-defense is a life saver to you!

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