7 Self Defense Tips!

Here's why these self defense tips be helpful for you: You never know when you might need to use them to protect yourself or get yourself out of a very dangerous situation. With so many cases of people getting robbed on the streets or even in their own homes, it's crucial to learn how to protect yourself.

Martial arts are the first thing that many people have in mind when they think of self defense. However, you don't need to know Ju-Jitsu to fight off burglars.

If you aren't the paranoid kind and don't expect to be attacked at any time, you can't think clear in that moment of shock. That's why having in mind some self defense tips might help you if you're ever put in such a situation:

self defense pen

There are a few simple tips that you can follow. First of all, you can use your head to think about ways of reacting. Then use it as a weapon to fight back. Yes, your skull can be a very strong weapon and hitting your forehead into your aggressor's nose is much more effective than punching his nose. Women who get grabbed from behind are also advised to try and hit their attacker with the back of their heads.

It's very important that you always carry something that can be turned into a weapon if needed. Don't think about an actual weapon such as a gun. Instead, you can use anything such as an umbrella or pen (see tactical pen to the right. It can write and also be used as an effective weapon).

Any object with a hard point, such as a can of vegetables, should be used for attacking bones: elbows, kneecaps, hips or skull. If you have something with a soft point such as a pen or a knife you should target the soft tissues: belly, eyes, armpits or throat.

One of the essential self defense tips is to always avoid getting hit. You can do that following a very simple martial rule which says that you should always move along a triangle. To help you understand, imagine your body being split in two equal parts. Around or along this line are your face, throat and heart and your attacker will most likely strike them.

self defense moves

Your aggressor probably has in mind which way he wants to attack, already signaling to his brain the distance and location of your body part that he wants to strike. That's why if you follow the triangle rule, moving backwards to the left or to the right you are changing both your distance and location and the efficiency of the attack.

Another self defense tip inspired from martial arts is to surprise your attacker and not back up because that is what he expects you to do. Try to have enough courage to fight back and your attacker won't have time to react.

A verbal self defense tip is to scream 'Fire!' over and over. Experts say that this is more effective than yelling 'rape' or 'help'.

All these self defense tips are based on simple ideas that you can't come up with in the moment you are attacked. That's why keeping in mind these basic rules of protecting yourself might be very helpful for you if you ever find yourself in a situation like this.

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