Effective Self Defense Techniques!

The most effective self defense techniques are not controlled by weapons. It is the mind determines all these. Therefore, learning the best techniques is paramount for your safety. Most attacks take place within a short period; mostly seconds. At this time most people are confused and cannot think straight.

Therefore, you need specialized training to get through this by halting further attacks. And for this, you do not a huge body to do this.

self defense attack

Effective self defense techniques need not harm your opponents. What you need is to escape a situation where you could have suffered further injuries. You need to free yourself to safety fast.

To begin with, when you have advantage over your enemy, make sure you continue hitting him till he is incapacitated to continue attacking you. This does not mean you harm him since you may face charges for this.

To achieve this, you need to be very calm. This is hard and may require training. But it is one of the most important effective self defense techniques because it will set the stage for the implementation of your next move. It will straighten your thoughts and provide you with further decisions to make sure when defending yourself you are in a safer position. Doing so amid panic and tension may lead you to a situation worse than what could possibly happen.

You need to look for an effective trainer to provide necessary strategies for this. Effective self defense techniques will depend on the situation and training. Some people go for martial arts training which teaches them how to react in case an attack occurs where no defense materials are available. Many martial arts schools offer training to women in case they are accosted by possible rapist, muggers, or kidnappers. This has become an efficient method for keeping women safer.

self defense eyes

For women they need to know what to do in case of such a scenario. To begin with, they need to know the weak areas of possible attackers. An example of this is the groin area in men. In so doing, they can avoid making a bad situation worse by acting fast and knowing what time to act. All they need to do is incapacitate the attacker and create a window for escape. This should happen during the first seconds of attack to avoid panic. However, you will need to compose yourself and be ready.

Another area is the eyes. If can get your fingernails in the eye area you can incapacitate them for a short while. Which is the key to success.

Some other effective self defense techniques involve use of weapons such as knives and firearms. The knife pictured below is called a Cold Steel Urban Pal, and it is easy to handle but very lethal. This is the most popular due to their effectiveness and swiftness. In some countries, carrying a gun or knife for self defense purposes is legal with the right permit. Pepper spray and stun guns are some of the most popular weapons for self defense that do not really require a license. They are effective self defense techniques because they delay the assailant, which gives you time to escape.

self defense knife

Another form of effective self defense techniques is use of words. Verbal self defense is a technique which uses words to make sure the assault is de-escalated. This is usually taught as part of conflict management curricular which can be very effective. This is characterized by the use of tone, voice and body language to convince the attackers and calm down a possibly violent situation.

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