16 Handguns For Self Defense!

Handguns for self defense were designed to safeguard a person from harm. But some see guns as dangerous items that can kill people and damage properties. But what separates handguns from the rest of the rapid-firing, over-sized, and overpowered firearms, is that they are easy to carry and simpler to use.

Handguns for self defense are very portable and versatile than other guns. However, the small size of handguns can also be quite a disadvantage. Because they are quite small, handguns do not have many features than other guns in bigger sizes. Nevertheless, there are some handguns which, despite of the size, can do their job well.

handguns for self defense

For many reasons bodyguards and some businessmen prefer handguns for self defense. They are small, portable, and are enough to cripple or kill an individual upon getting hit with one bullet. Handguns date back to the World Wars, as the soldiers used them as back-up weapons when their primary weapons run out of ammo or get damaged. Another fact is that handguns can be used in tighter and crowded areas due to their size. In other words, handguns are easy to wield and very lethal at for its size.

Handguns for self defense have become popular because As the world today doesn't get any safer, many people agree you cannot afford to lower your guard, especially when there are much mortality involving hold-ups and sick-ups. To further protect yourself from such scenarios, various handguns for self defense are made and incorporated especially for protection from those with criminal minds.

From pistols to revolvers, handguns are one of, if not THE best way to protect yourself and your valuables.

There are various handguns for self defense to choose from as there are many companies that mass-produce these lethal weapons. Of course, with something as dangerous as a handgun, you must first obtain a license to own one. With that being said, very few citizens are privileged to wield these small but lethal weapons for their protection. That's only natural because if enough people are privileged to wield guns, the society will fall and the community might be in chaos.

Remember, people are given the chance to own handguns to safeguard themselves, but if everyone will be granted handguns, shoot-outs will be a part of everyday life in this world. To lessen gun shooting incidents, only a selected few that have reasonable purposes may own a handgun under government laws, and proper licenses.

If ever you want to own a handgun for self defense, you must secure a license first. Once you have been granted the right to use handguns for self defense, you cannot just get one. There are many types of handguns that you can choose from. Each has its distinct feature and quality. You must try to look for a handgun that you are most comfortable with. Here is the top fifteen list of the best handguns used for self-defense today.

16 Best Handguns For Self Defense!

The Ruger LC9 - This gun is a 9mm pistol and perfectly fits the concealed firearms criteria with its thin design. It weighs about 17 ounces with its barrel length at 3" long.

Ruger LC9

Taurus Raging Judge 28 Gauge - This revolver can hold 5 shells and has a minor improvement than the 410-chamber Judge. The average price for this renewed antique stays at $800 tops. This is one of the coolest looking handguns on the market.

Tauras Raging Judge

Diamondback DB9 - This gun is another 9mm pistol type. It is quite compact and very concealable compared to other handguns. Its measure could be compared to a size of a normal wallet.

Diamondback DB9

16 Best Handguns For Self Defense Part 2:

Charter Arms CARR - This gun boasts to hold rimless cartridges and is another 9mm handgun. It is also another revolver design at a smaller scale to promote portable and versatile uses.

Charter Arms CARR

FN 57 - The FN 57 comes with adjustable or fixed sights. What separates this beauty along with other handguns is that the FN 57 is semiautomatic and like its brothers, portable and concealable.

FN 57

Beretta 92 - This one is an Italian brand that fires a 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge. This gun carries the pride of being in service to the French and US military.

Beretta 92

16 Best Handguns For Self Defense Part 3:

Walther P99 - This is another pistol that uses the 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge. It is semi-automatic and is manufactured by Germany. It has short recoil, making it ideal for continuous firing.

Walther P99

QSZ-92 - It's a recoil-operated locked breached pistol that has the unique design of using rotating barrels. It is another 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge but instead manufactured by China.


FN-FNP45 - This gun is a Belgium and U.S. model with yet another 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge. Unlike most pistols, the FN-FNP45 houses 14-16 bullets. It is made for many targets that a normal pistol would quickly ran out of ammunition when used.


16 Best Handguns For Self Defense Part 4:

Mark 23 - Mark 23 was made using an amalgamation technology of Germany and United States that boasts rapid firing due to its semi automatic nature and the precision of a laser aiming module. The Mark 23 is made to hit with precision and quickness in one package.

Mark 23

Glock-17 - This is yet another 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge made in Austria. Like its brothers, the Glock-17 serves the Austrian military and is widely known for its tilting barrel.


Heckler and Koch USP - The Heckler and Koch USP is a German model has the same 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge that most pistols use. It is an Auto Reload pistol meaning it is also semi automatic.

Heckler and Koch USP

HS2000 - This is a Croatian model produced by HS Produkt d.o.o. Though most of its specs are unknown, it surely has great features as it is widely used in the Croatian Army.


16 Best Handguns For Self Defense Part 5:

SIGP250 - This gun is another American and Germany ingenuity pistol, the SIGP250 carries an outstanding 17 round magazine. It is also semi automatic making it ideal for many targets at once.


Berretta Px4 Storm - This gun is a pride of Italy's Berretta manufacturing firm. It is equipped with short-recoil rotating barrel lock like other top Berretta models.

Berretta Px4 Storm

Smith & Wesson 442 - The 'Airweight' series. This one of the lightest handguns for self defense, and it's very simple. The hammer is shrouded so it is unlikely to catch on anything. Apparently the trigger is something to get a handle on. But that just requires time at the shoot range. Great for anyone, but ideal for women.

Smith & Wesson 442 Airweight

For the best results in using handguns for self defense, it is best to practice yourself and learn the basics on how to use one effectively and safely. Everyone can use a gun, but everyone can't use it correctly in their first time.

Things like the safety lock and loaded magazine needs to be considered and requires intense training to get used to. You wouldn't want to accidentally shoot yourself with your own handgun for self defense. It may lead to your own death! Besides that, you cannot risk not being able to use your gun when you need it most.

Quick-drawing and proper aiming is what makes effective revolvers and pistols for self defense. As with any other self-defense tactics, the first to draw is the first to win. So with proper training and the right procedures, handguns make the best self defense mechanism you can ever get in public.

Just remember all the specs and quirks of your pistol or it will only serve you as a club to pummel your assailant (this only works in the movies I think). Be sure to read the brochure and get to know your handgun first.

From the semi automatics to the precise laser-guided handguns, there is a wide variety of handguns for self defense. The types and the number of specs to consider is limitless.

This top 16 handguns list is merely to show some of the world's favorite handguns but it does not guarantee that these work for everyone. It is still up to you to see what the best handgun is for you.

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