The Best Home Self Defense Weapons Stop Intruders In Their Tracks!


Many people choose guns as home self defense weapons. First of all, you need to have a firearm license and most importantly, make sure that you learn how to use your gun properly. It's vital that you keep your firearm in a place where it can't be reached by your children, but it's also important to grab it quickly when you need it.

There are three common home self defense weapons which are very popular among buyers: the handgun, the rifle and the shotgun. Handguns are ideal for those who find it too hard to use other types of firearms, however shotguns are highly recommended for most situations.

What makes shotguns better than other guns is the fact that they shoot multiple pellets, instead of a single bullet. These pellets are able to injure your attacker and stop at him. This way they aren't able to pass through the walls of your home, being less likely to harm your neighbors.

Another type of shotgun is the gauge pump-action one. Although it might have a pompous name, this gun is very useful because it's silent and very easy and accessible to use for someone new to guns.


Handguns are effective home self defense weapons. They are useful because it's easy to handle, especially in tight places which is the case for most small houses and apartments. They are also less dangerous to your neighbors because they stop in the exterior walls of your house. However, handguns are less efficient because their projectiles have less energy.

Also known as pistols, handguns are not as destructive as movies show you. You may not manage to harm your aggressor in a way that disables him to move. Very important when using a pistol is to always have enough rounds close to you.


Another choice of home self defense weapons is the rifle. Their effect is better than in most handguns types, however they are more dangerous because their bullets can get through the walls of your house, therefore being able to harm your neighbors or people passing by.

Rifles are commonly used as home self defense weapons because you can shoot at a longer distance inside your house. This way, you don't have to be close to your aggressor and therefore you will be more protected from a possible reply from him. However, using a rifle requires a very firm hand and an experimented eye. Long distance shooting is much more difficult than shooting at a close target.


Another type of rifle is the 223 / 5.56mm carbines, often known as the AR-15. They are a semi-auto firearm, which can be easily used by people with no prior experience in shooting. Many men think it's their job to protect their home and family and they choose to buy a gun for that purpose.

Although there are many professional home alarm systems, a guns will always be the best home self defense weapons because no matter how hard you try to stop burglars, they can always find a way of breaking into your home.

Guns are not the only home defense weapons to choose of course. Other choices can be less lethal. If you have children around the house and you are worried they might get their hands on your guns, then choose weapons such as a taser, pepper spray, baton, or a well trained dog.

Bat: If you want something other than a gun, a sturdy self defense bat that won't break and wreaks havoc on an attacker is something to have handy. But away from children of course. This particular bat is called a Brooklyn Smasher (below).

It's durable and it won't rot, crack, or splinter, or fade. You don't want your bat breaking in the middle of a melee so get one like this.

self defense bat

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