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pepper spray

Choosing the best self defense weapons is a major headache for many people. The challenge comes in when they think of how to use a particular unfamiliar weapon. However, while some of them are very easy to use, some of them pose a grave danger should they fall in the wrong hands. The best of them should effectively repel the attacker. It should also be convenient to conceal and not pose a danger to your safety in the first place.

Pepper spray is the most popular and very effective of the best self defense weapons. This is because they are easy to conceal. Pepper spray may be manufactured in a way that they look like other products like lipsticks, pens etc. This method often dupes attacker into thinking their prospective victim is vulnerable and defenseless. Pepper spray is effective for some women because they are easy to use. However, you should ensure you have a full and fresh pepper spray to avoid it running out when you need most.

Taser Gun

Using tasers or stun guns is another popular self defense weapon. It zaps the assailant numb with high volt electricity thus makes them unable to continue with the attack. This is often temporary but effective in giving the victim time to escape. After using it, make sure you run to a safe area where you will be safe. If you wait for the assailant to recover, he will definitely still come for you this time, a bit smarter.

Another way to protect yourself is through use of objects that you could use while at a safe distance. These objects include sticks, swords, clubs and batons.


These ensure that your body leaves a safer distance between you and the assailant. The downside of these kinds of weapons is that they are hard to conceal. You may necessitate your assailant to device new methods of attack. To avoid this, you can result to use things that can pass as normal as well as you can use for defense. These are thing like umbrellas, torches as well as walking sticks and may turn out as some of the best self defense weapons.

You can decide to go for blades and knives. They are also some of t he best self defense weapons. However, you should wait until the assailant shows that he really wants to harm you. You should not show him what you intend to do by waving it in front of him. You may end up turning over the weapon and complicating things for yourself.

Safemaker Knife

A knife defense should be fast and effective. Cutting the wrist should give you ample time to get away into safety. The dagger used should be easy to dray. Fiddling with weapon will further compromise your situation. You should get special training for this to be an effective self defense strategy.

A firearm is by far the most preferred among most of the best self defense weapons. You will neither need to use force nor require specialized training.

The reason most people prefer it, is that it causes immediate and lethal damage. You will however need a special license to carry your gun around and well trained in its use, and know that it is lethal and dangerous.

small handgun

Store it in a place that is easily accessible but secure (locked).

These are not all the best self defense weapons available. But they are the best most common weapons. For more weapons and self protection tips get our quality mini course or read more of our articles. You'll be glad you did.

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