Groin Squeeze Self Defense Technique!

groin kick self defense

The groin squeeze self defense technique can be very effective. Self-defense can be considered the one and only attack which has its purpose to get you out from dangerous or potentially dangerous situations and doesn't focus on attacking in the true sense of the word.

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At first sight it could seem like only women could use the groin squeeze technique but men can also use it and sometimes they really should do so. However, as a body part, the groin is more sensitive for men than women. So yes, definitely, this technique will mostly be helpful when being attacked by one or more representatives of the (at least physically) stronger sex.

The very first and most important step of any self defense action is to know your enemy and try to anticipate what that enemy will do. This is like guessing what the opponent will move in a chess party after your move.

If the person (or group) attacking you seems like very fast, aggressive and violent then running away would probably be the safe and sure way of getting out of trouble. As that is not always possible, the moment of the groin squeeze attack has to be well chosen and considered. An attack that took place too soon may make your enemy go even wilder than before since this way your rush may help the aggressor avoid your defensing attack and then come back with a counter-attack and knock you down. Of course, waiting for too long will be like oh, that's too late, you're already beaten up and the aggressor is gone and you didn't even get the chance to remember his face.

The perfect timing is the most successful way of getting away. And, you may be wondering, when is the perfect time to strike back or use the groin squeeze? There is no general answer to this question but as a main idea in life, sometimes the perfect moment is that one specific moment that came totally out of nowhere! Mostly if a group attacks, the one person closest to you (in most cases) is the band leader. If you knock the band leader down, his followers will not know what to do next - at least for one minute or less. That one minute or less is the only real chance for an individual to get away from a group of aggressors.

If you are a woman and being attacked by a man (which is very common) there is one thing you should know and which is indeed very helpful: that often the man is a coward. Why? Often, cowards will try attacking women. Now how can you make use of somebody being a coward? Quite simple, let's see the steps. Assume that man knocked you down, you fell, but you are conscious of what's happening around and you pretend that you're passed out. As that man is a weak man, he'll be very blinded by the feeling of glory. He'll probably try to take your money or anything but as being too certain of himself, the aggressor will simply forget to defend himself in case of any surprises. And that's the key moment! With a very fast move you can kick his groin or use the groin squeeze, or kick his abdomen or head or something. That short moment can truly save your life!

Remember, the most important is anticipating and planning what your opponent is up to at that moment.

The second step is not getting into panic if your plan fails. Be like a strategy game player. Plan a working strategy and let appearances hide your plans. There is always a perfect time for every plan and always a way out of every problem even if you thought that this problem will end your life or the world will stop spinning or something.

Never strike back out of anger. Anger makes you blind and lose control, but in a negative way. That means you'll not get better by losing control, it'll only make you think less and act stupid. Staying calm is very helpful and thinking clear is a life-saver when being under attack.

The groin squeeze or groin kick self-defense is a very well-known and highly effective technique in self-defense. It's like in the basics, at least this technique should be known to every living soul on this planet.

A final step you should never forget is calling the cops. You should never try being Rambo and risking your life just because you think you're under control.

Basically this would be all. I hope that you can now plan the details and use the groin squeeze self-defense in the most professional way to defend yourself!

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